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Tips to Construct, Install, and Maintain the Steam and Sauna Bath System at Home

Planning to install an in-home steam and sauna bath system is definitely a caring thought for the wellness of you and your loved ones. Mounting the whole system at home is, however, quite a tricky task, as it requires a thorough knowledge of plumbing, electricity, and in some cases an understanding of re-building a whole bathroom. Therefore, consulting experts at Bath Systems, suggest some steps for a proper installation of steam rooms and steam generators at home.

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Key steps for installing in-home steam and sauna bath system:

  • The installation of steam rooms begins with planning the location, since the steam delivery pipe, which is connected to an outlet, needs to be at a safer distance from bathers, because of its heat.

  • Selecting the right flooring, walls, and ceiling for inside the steam room is the next critical step for installing it at home. Essentially, the flooring needs to be non-porous, like most standard showers and must have a drainage system in place. The walls need to be sturdy and also use non-porous materials like tiles. The ceiling needs to have a gradient or slope to it so that the water and moisture can easily flow out of the room.

  • Post constructing the steam room, the next step is to select and install the lights. Bath Systems recommend IP-rated low voltage or LED lights which can easily manage intense heat and moisture.

  • After installing the lights, make sure that your bathroom’s current ventilation system is efficient enough to support the additional steam and can prevent any possible mold and rot to the equipment.

  • Once the lights are mounted, you need to find a dry and accessible area for the installing the steam generator, ideally within five-meters of the steam room.

  • Now that you hooked-up the generator to your steam room, you can choose accessories like speakers, mood lighting, and even scented plugins, for a desired ultimate relaxation.

Regular Maintenance is the Key for Longer Life


To ensure an extended durability for your steam and sauna bath system, a simple knowhow to clean and maintain is also important. Proficient service personnel at Bath Systems suggest some ways to enable you to take care of the installed equipment.

Cleaning and maintaining an in-home steam room begins with proper ventilation that minimizes mold and rot and allows less cleaning. Even with the appropriate ventilation system in place, a build-up of mineral deposits over the time needs to be cleaned. For an anytime optimum steam flow, experts at Bath Systems suggest to remove and soak water nozzles in non-abrasive cleaning solutions for a while.

Lastly, Bath System’s specialists suggest using a strong wired brush to scrub away hard water stains and mineral deposits that develop inside steam showers over time.

Religiously following these suggestions will ensure a reliable performance of the steam bath system for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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